The Greater GO and The Greater GO Foundation Launch

Have you ever been so excited about something that you wanted to share it with everyone you meet?  To be completely honest, that’s how I feel about the Greater GO!  I am so excited about this business (and The Greater GO nonprofit Foundation that I just established) that I’ve decided it is time to share it with everyone! I don’t suppose any of you out there like a good party?  Well, if you do, I have lots of opportunities for you to come and celebrate with me.  I am holding a series of “launch happy hours” where I can share with everyone all of the exciting things that this business is going to do.  We also just recently recorded a video about The Greater GO and in addition to showing the video at each of the launch happy hours, each happy hour will have a unique component.

So, if you enjoy beer, wine, comedy, snacks and just getting together with other people to smile and celebrate, click here to learn more about each of these launch events. Hurry, they are happening in November and you won’t want to miss them!  AND, if you decide you want to get involved and host an additional event, please reach out to me.  If you have people to invite who are interested in travel, I can plan the party!  I hope to hear from or see you in November!

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