Honeymooners Brandon and Erin Review Punta Cana

Traveling outside the country with a power wheelchair can be a very scary thought, but with The Greater Go, Apple Vacations and the Majestic Elegance, travel went very smooth. We traveled to the Majestic Elegance in the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon.

When we first landed in Punta Cana we were greeted by an airport employee who escorted us through the airport and helped us locate our wheelchair accessible shuttle. Without his help it would have taken us much longer to get through the airport (he took us to the front of every line and assisted with the set-up of the wheelchair and completion of customs forms).  Brandon Traveling

Upon arrival at the resort we were met by bellboys that took care of our luggage and directed us to the private Elegance Club check in. This is a check-in room unlike you have ever experienced— they greeted you with a cold-wet towel to wipe down and a snack buffet including your choice of wine/champagne. The process was very quick and we were escorted to our room by our butler within 15 minutes!

Every room at the Majestic Elegance includes a walk-in shower and open room space. However, to access your in-room jacuzzi you do have to go down one small step. Also, the toilet is in a separate room that is small and cannot fit a wheelchair in it. Luckily, we did not need to use the wheelchair in the room. A good thing to know is that the electricity is basically the same as in the USA, so charging the power wheelchair was not an issue.Majestic Elegance Bubble Bath

The grounds of the resort were all wheelchair accessible– there were ramps and elevators wherever needed and the majority of doors were automatic. There was even a handicap restroom near the theatre. The service, food and entertainment were all outstanding. The resort was so accommodating and welcoming Brandon felt comfortable going out on his own. The staff was always super willing to assist Brandon whether it was helping him take his shirt off at the pool or giving him a straw for drinking at the restaurants, they were happy to help.

If you are looking for an accessible vacation that is also fun and relaxing, we highly recommend the Majestic Elegance in the Dominican Republic!

We cannot thank The Greater Go enough for helping coordinate our honeymoon. The Greater Go provides a service that the special needs community values. While we were walking around the resort, we had a woman approach us and tell us that she has a son that uses a wheelchair. She wanted to know how we went about planning a trip with the accommodations we needed. We told her about The Greater Go and she was so excited that there was an organization that could make a vacation possible for her entire family. Thanks to The Greater Go travel is now accessible to everyone!

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