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Who Can GO

The Greater Go is a full-service travel agency. We believe everyone should be able to travel, without being limited by health or mobility issues.

The ultimate purpose of The Greater GO is to facilitate positive travel experiences for individuals and their companions: anyone affected by special needs. To the best of our ability, we ensure each individual’s travel needs are met, providing a safe, fun, and affordable travel experience. Since we cannot do this alone, we need you.

The reasons for travel are as many and as varied as each individual. We travel for fun, for work, to learn, to visit friends and family, and to celebrate notable occasions. The bottom line is that ANYONE should be able to travel.

Does one of these sound like you?

Family member, business person, student, retiree, spouse, group, teacher, vacationer, spring breaker, partner, senior, graduate, companion, parent, presenter, photographer, artist, wine aficionado, celebrator, celebrity, language learner, rock star, racer, boss, bride, groom, newlywed, mom, sister, brother, friend, father, grandma, member, captain, athlete, coach, caretaker,

If so, YOU can travel with The Greater GO! Click the GO button to start the process!
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