Thank You to Our 2016 Travelers!

As 2016 begins to wind down, and as we enter a season of reflecting on all that we have to be thankful for, all of us at The Greater Go would like to take a moment to thank the 70+ travelers that explored, played, discovered, ate, drank, relaxed, swam, walked, hiked, sunbathed, toured, laughed, slept in and embraced all the wonderful benefits of travel by using The Greater Go to plan their trips. Our travelers continue to amaze us in the way they explore our world and push the boundaries of travel.


“We greatly enjoyed our trip…We saw and did everything we wanted. The food was outstanding in Charleston and we went to many restaurants in the area. We just wanted to thank you for your help and planning which made our trip a big success.” -Ted Agness

In 2016, The Greater Go sent travelers on their honeymoons, romantic anniversary getaways and even business trips! Other trips this year included domestic beach vacations, all-inclusive resorts, cruises on the high seas, family-friendly Disney vacations and unforgettable overseas sporting events for the biggest fans.

“…thank you for the great assistance with the family cruise…the trip was wonderful and the family had a delightful time!” – Galyean Family Cruise

We stocked up on pushpins and cluttered our map with destinations that included Florida, South Carolina, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman, Dominican Republic, Italy, France, England and Australia.

In our efforts to create positive experiences for all of our travelers, including those with special needs, we worked to ensure that everyone’s travel needs were met, whether it was diet, mobility restrictions, health issues or any other special need. We tirelessly research, advocate and communicate to make sure the traveling experience – including the transportation, lodging and itineraries – is a good match for all, to ensure a positive experience and a great trip.

Best of all, by using The Greater Go, our travelers generated over $800 in contributions to The Greater Go Foundation. The Foundation works to expand accessible travel by creating a community of travelers in which information is gathered and shared. This provides education and advocacy for all travelers with special needs, as well their companions.

When travelers use The Greater Go, they #GOandGive, with a portion of the proceeds from their travel expenses donated to the Foundation, which then sends selected applicants on an all-expenses-paid vacation to gather information based on their experience for the greater good and benefit of the special needs community of travelers.

One trip was given away by The Greater Go Foundation in 2016 to Sean Breininger, who enjoyed a relaxing and memorable cruise vacation with his wife, Allison.

Sean and Allison explore Falmouth, Jamaica during a Go on Us

“We are back from our week in paradise!  Sean and I had an unbelievably wonderful time on our 7 Day Caribbean Cruise, thanks to The Greater Go…To go from spending days, weeks, months in the clinic and hospital to being on a seriously luxurious and swanky cruise ship where everything was thought of and taken care of…I don’t even have words for it. “ – Allison Breininger 

Thank you to all of our 2016 travelers who used The Greater Go! Your trips and experiences inspired us, and we look forward to another year of fun and adventure.

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