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Who We Are

Our Greater Goal

The Greater Go is a full service travel agency that simply believes everyone should be able to travel.

Many people struggle with travel because of mobility or health issues. The ultimate goal of the Greater GO is to facilitate positive travel experiences for all individuals; including those with special travel needs. We ensure a worry-free trip from the planning stage through the return home while advocating for safe, fun, and affordable travel for all. Since we cannot do this alone, we need you.

Everyone—with or without special travel needs—who uses The Greater GO’s services helps expand travel opportunities for people with special travel needs. How does this work? A portion of the commission earned by The Greater GO on EVERY trip will be allocated to sending travelers with special needs to various locations to help us determine the most accessible and accommodating places for travel. And here’s the great news for you: unless you require a highly customized trip, booking your travel through us doesn’t have to cost any more than if you did it yourself. Often we can even save you money by leveraging our relationships with travel vendors who want to earn our business.

So, why not let someone else do the work, while helping travelers with special needs reap some benefits, too? You might just save yourself some time and get to feel good about yourself in the process!

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