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Most businesses are born because someone has a passion or interest that has been sparked into igniting action; we are no different.

Becky’s sister was born with a birth defect, spina bifida, and she uses a power wheelchair. In 2012, she was celebrating her 40th birthday. Instead of the traditional “over the hill” gifts, her family decided to ask for contributions to a travel fund so she and her husband could take a trip. Scouring the Internet in search of resources to plan an accessible vacation resulted in disappointment. Other than trips planned for an entire group of individuals with disabilities, there really weren’t many options for customized travel planning services.

That experience inspired Becky to combine her knowledge of the disability field and her interest in travel, creating a travel agency focused on travelers with special needs. At the same time, Becky wanted to involve travelers without special needs to feel that, simply by traveling, they were contributing to accessible travel opportunities for people with special needs. The Greater GO is accomplishing that and so much more!

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